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Budai Vigado is located in the House of Hungarian Heritage, and is the highlighted venue of many authentic Hungarian folk shows and other folk art events, exhibitions, workshops and folk dance classes – basically everything that is about preserving Hungarian folk heritage and cultural values spanning over centuries. The seating map of Budai Vigado in Budapest shows 3 categories of its seats:

Budapest Budai Vigado Seating Map

Budapest Budai Vigado Seating Map

The seating map of Danube Palace in Budapest  shows 3 categories for its seats, the rows are on a gentle slope to provide a better viewing. The balcony of the concert hall is at the bottom of the map, and shows the Category 3 seats at the back rows, Category 1 in the front rows and Category 2 seats in the middle rows. There are classical music concerts and Hungarian folk shows in the building:

Danube Palace Seating Map Budapest Budapest

Danube Palace Seating Map Budapest