Downloadable Budapest Map: Download your Budapest City Map for Free

There are several downloadable Budapest maps on various websites, but we believe these are the best Budapest maps to download for free of charge (yes, we have found the official Budapest map of the Budapest Public Transport company (BKV in Hungarian for short) a really manageable one). Needless to say, you can also print out our Budapest Tourist Map.

Downloadable Budapest Map

Although this Budapest map is geared towards tourists, the street, square names and names of attractions are in Hungarian on the Budapest public transit map. Nevertheless, it is still a really useful and frequently updated Budapest transport and tourist map including the recent square and street name changes.

Budapest Map

Budapest Map

This particular downloadable Budapest map is only for the city centre. The bus, metro, tram and trolley routes are clearly marked and colour coded, while attractions are shown with tiny pictures (literally a mini drawing of the given Budapest attraction, not just a generic church or museum icon). Here is a photo of part of the map (click to enlarge) of the Chain BridgeSt Stephen’s BasilicaDohany Street Great Synagogue, etc.


Roaming in a foreign country can cost a lot of money, and wifi is still sparse despite recent efforts, so it is quite understandable that you would feel safe in Budapest if you had a paper based map with you. Now the only question is where you can get this huge jpg printed out (or the downloadable BKV Budapest map has a pdf version here). Or you can buy the same Budapest tourist map at any BKV public transportation ticket kiosk for HUF 600 (less than 3 USD, or 2 GBP – approx. 2 Euros). But if you switch back to online mode, don’t forget that we have a user friendly customized Budapest Tourist Map (a google map with all its fancies, estimating directions, giving optimal routes, detailed info about public transport options, where to change and how long the ride would take, etc.)