Budapest Budget Dining Map: Cheap Restaurants & Eateries

Budapest Budget Restaurant map and Budapest on a Budget are guides for those who want to enjoy cheap eats but good quality in Budapest. Map symbols show various types of dining places in Budapest:

  • Fork and Knife (silver): reasonably priced restaurants in Budapest
  • Fork and Knife (purple): cheap eateries where locals love to eat, traditional Hungarian meals
  • Steaming Plate (green): vegetarian restaurants and eateries in Budapest
  • Glass & Sandwich: salad bars, sandwiches, snacks in Budapest
  • Bacon Joint: butchers in Budapest with counters to eat fresh sausages, blood pudding, roast chickens, etc.

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We strive to show you the most satisfying, reasonably priced restaurants, and cheap eateries in Budapest. These are the most popular places to eat, the best budget restaurants in Budapest, Hungary based on locals’ reviews, the number and activity of facebook fans, and Budapest travel forums and review sites.

No compromises, no commissions, just the best where you can eat for little money in the city of Budapest.

Budapest Budget Dining Map last updated: January 2013